Natalie's Mission and Vision

I serve through music, sound and lyrics and focus on developing vocal and acting strengths as well as building an awareness of life in show business.  

Bringing  talents and gifts to any stage with honesty and certainty with an empowered holistic approach to unlock that part of us that will guarantee success. 






Fun-Filled Masterclass 

 “ACTING thru SONG” an intensive, safe group setting where we hear the song of your choice and analize the truths  in your acting through the lyrics.

  You will walk away floating on the clouds as you will discover so much of yourself just from the lyrics. 

  Private Vocal Coaching      * In Person or Online      

 Are you losing your voice?   Do you want to learn a techinique that is almost a guarantee not to lose your voice? 

 Do you want to be a better singer?  Do you want to learn how to belt correctly? 

 Natalie will coach and give you her unique way of “finding your voice”. 

 She will take you on a journey that will help you open your mouth and sing like tha star you are!

 In a Play or Musical ?                                                                                                

 Do you need help with your character? 

 Do you find it hard to figure out the intentions or actions of the scene for that character? 

 Lets look at that character or scene together and get to that honest place. 

 Working with these tools will get you noticed. 

 How to Audition                                                                                              

In this new world, auditioning has also changed. However, the “how to” is the same. 

What one can gain from knowing the facts of what Casting Directors are looking for is priceless. 

Do you know that once you step into that room, your audition starts there? 

Get into the mindset of crushing your auditions every time and making them a fun experience. 

  What you will get from studying with 

Coach Natalie

  • Supportive and Compassionate Coach
  • Caring environment
  • Confidence
  • Skills for a lifetime
  • Storytelling
  • Creative Process
  • Show business life lessons








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